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In the past 20 years Suzanne has regularly published books, articles and chapters in books of colleagues and friends. Read about these, scrolling over the topics below.

The story of a KISS, storytelling in organizational change

Storytelling Handbook

The story of a Kiss, timely communication in organizational change


Theatre marketing , with trial cases

Articles in English


In 2012 this English language book is published. It tells the story about the theory and practice of storytelling as interactive intervention during a large, intentional change process. Topics like time, communication and cultural change are discussed and its effect and, sometimes unexpected side effects of working with sensemaking and cocreated stories. The connection with practice is made describing a painfull merger between seven art libraries in the Netherlands. Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishers.
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After ten years of working with story and storytelling it was time to put Suzanne’s experiences in writing. This was also instigated by the Dutch Tax and Custom Authorities for whom she had lead two change processes. She was given permission to use all material for her PhD thesis. In view of DTCA’s social responsibility they wanted me to make the knowledge available to other organizations. The stories in the book came not only from DTCA but also from i.e. Amarantis Education, the art libraries, Delta Lloyd. There are 35 authentic lived stories in the book, explanatory chapters, examples and fact sheets for researchers, managers and trainers. Suzanne’s research for het master thesis (Erasmus University 2005) and her PhD research which was still in its infancy, made this a practical handbook with a theoretic backbone. Trainer and copywriter Annet Scheringa, added the chapter on training. The book has been reprinted twice and is published, in Dutch by Uitgeverij Boom, Amsterdam.


Thesis, in English, for the title of Master of Corporate Communication. This is a description of a journey into the role of time and storytelling in change communication. Empirical basis for this research comes from a dramatic organizational change where directors and employees are unable to find each other. Merging companies do not speak each other’s language, and the dynamics of all organizations involved differs so much, it make cooperation practically impossible. Erasmus University Rotterdam, July 2005.

One of the first, personalized, digital and interactive books, published in 2000. The book was sold via a franchise construction and pyramid sales, by 6 complementary organizations involved in consultancy, internet strategy, web building, fulfilment etc. E-4mula is a method for emerging knowledge leaders and directors struggling with their internet strategy. Remember, this was a time when top executives had their secretaries print their emails. This book was the first exploration and experiment with co-creation to connect and engage organizational objectives, vision and identity.

In 1996 this was a ground breaking book. It reported on a two year experiment with marketing and communication in the performing arts. In two trail cities, several projects were tested in increasing audience and income at the same time. The project was funded by the Dutch Ministry of Culture, the associations of theatres (VSCD) and performing art groups (VNT). Publisher of this Dutch book is Uitgeverij Eburon, 1996.


Banking Review
Cultural change can restore trust in banks.
About the crisis, trust, fighting symptomes over cause, engaging and the power of storytelling in financial institutions. Published in August 2010, by Yvonne Verschure, Brigitte Ligtvoet, Suzanne Tesselaar.

Journal for Human Resources
Co-creating Stories: Collaborative Experiments in Storytelling. Artikel Y. Gabriel en C. Connell with and about a co-created story, also published in English in Storytelling Handbook. Suzanne is one of the 17 authors of this story. Published in November 2010.

Contributions of Suzanne appeared in the following publications:

Communication of Organizations: Time for Storytelling. This is prescribed literature for studies of Communication and Organizational Change at Universities and Universities of professional Education in the Netherlands and Belgium. (Kluwer, 2012)

The following three books are scientific publications, appearing after 2 bi-annual, international conferences, held in Palermo Sicily, on the topic of Time.

In Search of Time: Homozappians (F. Orlando, 2005)

Time and Management: Multimedia and the electronic highway (F. Orlando, 2000)

Between Tradition and Innovation: Theatre and marketing, a time mismatch (F. Orlando, 1996)